Throne lyrics
Woah now
Me deh pon di go now
Tell dem watch it inna traffic, Koffee nuh slow down
Ina mi zone
Alto to Baritone
Soon dem ahgo see seh is a queen deh pon di throne
Me nuh waste time with the music
In yuh ears like any Q-Tip
Used to Facetime with the Blues
‘Til reggae bassline mek me lose it
A nuh monopoly
Walshy build the riddim, put da song ‘ya pon it
Now dem all up on me
Say dem badder dan me
So me kill dem and study dem anatomy
Dem nuh understand me
But dem
Say dem loving the flow now
When them see me all over the media
And them hear me deh pon Wikipedia
Used to fast, now me all a get speedier
I a born storm
Fire cyaan’ calm
Shotter than a copper, what a bam bam
Tell Jenella, Cinderella, John, Tom
« Say a prayer, get a choir, ensemble »
Woah now
Me deh